SEOpie is a website optimisation company that specialises in improving your web presence by analysing and redeveloping your site to promote organic growth and search engine results improvements.

We begin with first analysing your website, developing conversion and traffic-based improvements on-site including content enrichment, load time optimisation and improvements with user experience. Then we research and develop your off-site marketing efforts to bring you to the forefront of your online niche. We will also advise you on social media marketing techniques to adopt that can improve business exposure and promote your online marketing efforts.

While there are a few website optimisation companies in the south east, by hiring an experienced specialist you are guaranteed to get more hands-on help, customised to your business.

By hiring a freelance consultant, you are assured a bespoke SEO service that is tailor-made to suit your company, with your specific products or services, in your industry; not a one-size-fits-all SEO package.

We are happy to discuss what site optimisation services your site needs, where you want it to be, and how we can go about getting it there. We’re free to answer any questions you have regarding SEO before we enter into an agreement.

If you would like more information about SEO, such as what it really means and how to go about doing it yourself, have a look through our SEO Infobase.


Author: Ben Avenell

My name is Ben Avenell and I am a freelance SEO specialist.

Since I began working in search engine optimisation, the evolution of optimisation techniques has been steady but pronounced. This evolution has meant having to keep up with continuous changes in site development, content development, social media management, marketing techniques and new research in search psychology. My core belief, however, and that of Google, to prioritise high quality content orientated towards the viewer, before you even think about link building, is as true today as it ever was.

Keep up with my rantings and ravings about the state of online search on social media

My employment is primarily on a freelance basis to individual clients or agencies requiring my services, and am therefore heavily reliant on achieving good customer satisfaction by completing projects efficiently, effectively and on time. I will also remain in constant communication, and will keep you updated with how the project is proceeding, every step of the way.

If you are interested in hiring me, please send me an email, or request a site report by submitting the completed form below.

N.B: Your details will not be stored, sold, or passed on to other parties.

Core Values

My success as a freelance SEO consultant purely depends on my ability to provide visible and sustainable results. This is my driving force and what leads me to often go above and beyond in search of success for my clients.
Ethical SEO means avoiding using any ‘black hat’ or questionable techniques in providing improvements in search rankings. It also means supplying my clients with a service that translates to sustained improvements and the potential for further organic growth over time, with minimal input, after a contract has run its course.
Once I choose to take on a new client, I believe it is paramount for that client to see improvements in either site potential, or measurable results, depending on the details of the contract. It is in my best interests to see your site develop and improve, and I will put all my effort and abilities towards achieving this.
By hiring me, you are hiring my time as an SEO specialist for the duration specified. You are not required to enter into a lengthy 6 or 12 month contract, and are free to cancel my services at any time, within reasonable expectations.

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